From Pumpkins to Almonds

While working on various projects in the last couple of weeks I have learned quite a bit about the history of farming in the Bishop family. My father often says one of the reasons you all can connect with us is because we are a farm first and foremost. The majority of Americans are only one or two generations removed from a farm. This may imply that all of us have some innate desire to be on a farm at one point or another. Recently my family has gotten a new spark in our farming passion with the addition of a new crop. As of January 21st of this year we are now the farmers of 25 acres of almonds.

For over 100 years the Bishop family has been farming in the United States. We have had everything thing from hogs, to dairies, to a variety of field crops along with pumpkins, of course. While my dad, Wayne, has a small bit of experience with tree crops from his high school working days, we are going into the almond crop as fresh new farmers. It has been such a learning experience and we have so far enjoyed all of it!

You will be able to get a taste of our almonds this fall season. We will be roasting a handful of our crop in a variety of spices that we will be packaging and selling right here on the farm! The recipes and details are still being sorted out, but we will be sure to update you all as we progress with this new project.

Since we are talking about almonds, we should probably talk about how it’s pronounced. So here’s my take for what it’s worth. It depends on the following things:

-Where are you from? North of Wheatland? Near the Fresno area? Then you most likely pronounce it AlMonds (like salmon).

-Are you a general consumer with no connections to an almond farmer? Then you most likely say ALLmond.

-Are you a farmer of tree crops? You say AlMond don’t you?

-Do you just buy the nut because you think they are healthy and delicious? Do you say ALLmond?

So to summarize, if you are a farmer or originally from an area that grows the nut then you most likely say almond (like salmon). However, if you are a consumer and not near an area known for them, then you most likely say aLLmond. Or you can just go with the old fashion farmer’s saying “It’s aLLmond on the tree and alMond on the ground ‘cause it got the L knocked out it!”. You choose. 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates on our tree crop adventures along with other happenings at the farm!


Happy Spring!


Soon to be almonds! Blooms going to be tested for fertility photo2

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