Important Information About Your Fall Field Trip

Please read these instructions to help your field trip run smoothly!

  1. Have money collected from all students and parents before arriving; teacher will pay for students, siblings and parents at one time. We cannot have parents paying individually, as it will take time away from your tour. We accept cash (large bills only, no coins) Checks, Purchase Orders, Visa and Master Card.
  2. Bring students in main gate at the school check-in. Before you start you will receive a wristband for everyone, an itinerary, an apple cider coupon and cups. Please allow time to make sure everyone is wearing a wristband on the left arm, you will not be able to participate without a wristband on. This will guarantee that everyone receives a pumpkin and a train ride.
  3. The tour takes about two hours, this does not include snack or lunch. Please do not plan on staying for more than 3 hours, unless you have scheduled to do the Corn Maze or Coyote Mountain.
  4. If you are late in arriving, it may be impossible to take the complete tour. We will try our best, but we cannot interfere with other schools that were on time.
  5. We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes, this is a real farm with lots of dirt. Bring clippers or scissors for cutting the pumpkin vines.
  6. Picnic facilities and restrooms are available. Do not include lunch or snack time as part of your tour time. You may have snack or lunch either before or after your tour time. The farm Snack Bar and Bakeshop are also open if you wish to use them. Please call ahead if you wish to purchase lunch for a large group.
  7. Teachers and parents are responsible for the control of the children during the field trips.

Reservations are a must:
We fill up rapidly, so make your appointment time well ahead of the day you wish (August is not too early to get your appointment made).
Phone: 530-633-2568.
Click here to make your reservation online.

We look forward to seeing you. We hope you enjoy your Bishop's Pumpkin Farm field trip.


Cancellations within two weeks of the visit are severely damaging in that another class is deprived of a trip. Therefore, cancellation within this period, or "no-shows", will result in the school being billed as if the trip took place. Further visits from that school will have to be paid for in advance. Cancellations need to be person to person--messages left on voice mail are NOT acceptable. In case of rain, Bishop's will make any cancellation decisions the morning of the trip. Please call that morning if you have any questions.